New Homes with Ethernet Connectivity

new homes with Ethernet from Mallard HomesMallard Homes is one of the new home builders Franklin TN home buyers recognize as a forward- thinking company. At Mallard Homes, we are always anticipating the needs of home buyers. That’s why we build all our new homes with Ethernet connectivity as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. This is a perfect example of how we anticipate home buyers’ needs.

Here’s the back story:

Owing to COVID-19, many companies are finding out that they can operate pretty well with most of their employees working from home. Additionally, employees are also finding out that they can operate pretty well working from home and they like it. But there is one small glitch. Most people only have a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet in their homes.

Why Is Ethernet Better than Wi-Fi?

Mallard Homes recognizes the need for both wired (Ethernet) and wireless (Wi-Fi) connections in a new home. Wi-Fi is necessary for a home’s smart devices, such as smart thermostats, smart locks, smart lights, security cameras, etc. And certainly mobile phones need Wi-Fi. But for working at home, Ethernet wins the day.

Working from home is much more productive with an Ethernet connection. You get consistent speed up to 10 gigabytes/second and no dropped signals. A Wi-Fi signal is subject to a lot of interference that causes it to be unreliable and frustrating to use. Sources of interference can be the layout of your home, objects blocking the signal, interference from electrical devices or your neighbors Wi-Fi networks. All in all, Ethernet provides the fastest speed and the most reliability and security.

New Homes with Ethernet Connectivity that “Flies”

We give wings to our forward-thinking by pairing it with the best and highest quality materials available. That’s why we use high-speed cable wire for Ethernet in our new homes. It provides the maximum connection speed possible. And we give you connections in multiple rooms throughout the house for connecting all the devices that matter.